Just a quick update to the site, apologies for the lack of activity recently here.

First of all, I've removed the My Homepages Friends adverts because you can't earn free amazon gift vouchers there, and also you can't earn money there for searching (the money no longer goes to you, it goes to charity, which is obviously still a great cause but for the purpose of this site it isn't really suitable).

Secondly, Wabba Dabba seems to be dead and they haven't been paying out amazon gift vouchers for months/maybe years now. Therefore you shouldn't use the site!

Thirdly, theres another site which seems to be very similar to Wabba Dabba, and its called Big Devil. You can join the site for free, and use it whenever you make searches online. If you are lucky, a box will pop up when you search telling you that you have just won a free amazon voucher.

Click Here To Join Big Devil And Win Free Amazon Vouchers

If you are in a rush for the perfect Birthday/Christmas present, why not just buy an Amazon gift voucher directly from the Amazon website? You will receive your voucher code instantly via e-mail and then you have all you require!

Amazon voucher

Buy An Amazon Voucher Online

Just a quite update to say that I recently won another £5 amazon voucher from WabbaDabba! I haven't actually searched on their site for a long time, but one of my referrals won a voucher which means I automatically won one too, which is great :)

Join WabbaDabba today by clicking on one of the banners on the site, and then you too can win money from either searching or from getting other people to sign up. Its completely free!

If you are eligible to apply to and use credit cards then it is a good idea to apply for the Amazon mastercard. After your first purchase on this card you will receive a £25 amazon gift voucher! This means you can apply for the card, make a purchase of an apple or something of little value, and then simply receive your free £25 gift voucher and stop using your card.

Also as an incentive you can earn points for spending money on your card, and once you have spent around £2000 you will receive another amazon gift voucher for around £20!

As you may already have guessed I enjoy receiving free Amazon gift vouchers. Amazon has to be one of my favourite internet stores, so whenever I receive Amazon vouchers I am very happy - it saves me spending my own money on the website.

Recently I have received £15 in gift vouchers just from using wabbadabba. I don't even use the site that often, but when I do I always seem to get a gift voucher, which is great!

I also received around £15 in gift vouchers simply for displaying some advertisements on a few of my websites. I will update on this soon and will give you the links to join!

In the past few days we have been lucky enough to win 2 x £5 amazon vouchers! This is simply by using the Wabba Dabba search engine!

We will try and upload some screenshots later!

Just thought it would be good motivation for you guys to start searching using wabbadabba more often!

Recently we described how you could receive free amazon vouchers simply by using the Wabba Dabba search engine.

Although we haven't yet won a prize, hundreds of people have won amazon vouchers since we updated this blog. Congratulations to those of you who won!